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Tannin Drop Count (DC) Test Kit

Tannins are found in tree bark , and as you can imagine as there are thousands of different types of trees there are thousands of diffenet tannins. Over the centuries tannins have found use in mnay applications from medicine to printer ink.  The most common uses for tannins today are in leather processing (tanning), as a boiler water treatment, and metal passivation.

Tannins are not always useful, tannins can taint the tatse of water, ruin wine, kill aquatic life by deoxygenting steams and rivers, discolouring paper and textiles in production.




Tannin is the name for lignon type compounds and the factor in this method is therefore of a general nature in line with the usal type of products in use.

If it is required, the exactr factor applicable to the product in use may be determained as outlined in the sheet "Determination of Product Factors - F", avaliable upon request 

Utilising dropper count technology, our tannin testing kit offers precise measurement of tannin concentrations in water, pivotal across industries. Whether optimizing water treatment processes, ensuring beverage quality in brewing or winemaking, or safeguarding aquatic ecosystems, this technology enables accurate assessment in parts per million (ppm). With its ability to detect tannins, known for affecting taste, color, and environmental impact, our kit ensures meticulous control, promoting water quality, process efficiency, and ecological sustainability.


  1. Water Treatment: Tannins, often from organic matter, can affect water color, taste, and odor. Monitoring tannin levels is crucial in ensuring effective water treatment processes.

  2. Beverage Production: In industries like brewing or winemaking, tannins can impact the flavor and quality of beverages. Monitoring and controlling tannin levels are essential for product consistency.

  3. Aquaculture: Tannins in water can affect aquatic life. Monitoring tannin concentrations is important in maintaining suitable conditions for fish and other aquatic organisms.

  4. Pulp and Paper: Tannins can be present in wastewater from paper mills. Monitoring and managing tannin levels are vital to minimize environmental impact.

  5. Environmental Assessment: Monitoring tannin levels in natural bodies of water aids in assessing the overall health and quality of aquatic ecosystems.


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