Testing your home water

Why test water?

Rain water collected in tanks, and drawn from rivers and creeks should be pure, sweet and safe to drink, and mostly it is, which is why government authorities do NOT recommend routine tests.  We would only recommend testing when you have water that is discoloured, smells, or  there has been recent heavy rains, or other disturbances to the top soils, spraying of crops,  increased animal or bird activity over your water collection area, or somebody in the house is ill with gastric.

Comfort Sending samples to a testing laboratory is the right thing to do.  Your local testing laboratory understands local conditions and hopefully they see lots of water samples, so they are able to follow trends and be up on local issues.  Plus a properly set up and staffed laboratory will have the equipment, know how, and test methods that offer a much wider and more detailed set of results than can obtained by using simple filed test kits.  But how many tests do you get the laboratory to do?  How often should the tests be conducted?  How much money should I spend?  Sending samples to a laboratory is a necessary but  time consuming and expensive exercise.  The products offered here allow you to choose which tests and how often they are carried out, plus they give you rapid feedback, even with the bacteria tests you can see the colour developing long before a positive result is confirmed.

Simplicity - These test kits give some powerful technology into your hands.  You are able to used advanced chemical and biological technology, that manufacturers have packed into simple yet safe to use products.

Because you can - These  test kits give you the tools to monitor the "health" of your drinking water.  The health of your family is in your hands, and it is your responsibility.

Which kit do I choose?

Need help choosing the right kit for you? Download our kit comparison listing here.

What do my results mean?

So you've done the testing, what do the results mean? Download our brief guide here.

Testing for parasites?

Unfortunately, parasites are one of the few things our kits and tests will not be able to determine. Such parasites as cryptosporidium, can only be detected in lab based tests, and becuase of this, we recommened that people looking to test for parasites get in contact with a local water testing laboratory, who can arrange for a sample of your water to be tested.