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Ensuring we are environmentally conscious has always been a big part of what we strive for at Watertest Systems. Being in an industry which works predominately with a natural resource, being water, it is important that we do our part to maintain..

Contract Manufacturing is a process where a client provides their formulations to Watertest who then source the nominated raw materials  and packaging for Watertest to blend or complete the manufacturing process.

Watertest Systems Sydney facility has the capability to down pack from IBCs and bulk-bags into drums, pails, cubes, Jerry Cans, and into packs as small as 10 gm or 15 ml

Watertest Systems have the capability to repack liquids including Dangerous Goods and hazardous substances from large 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) to smaller units ranging from 15ml, 30ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L and increments up through to 5L.

Watertest Systems offer Powder blending & Repacking services for all types of powders this includes those classified as hazardous. We also offer a facility to crush products that may have hardened over time to enable customers to re-use.

Australian Made chemicals Sydney

We have been manufacturing these products for our client now for some years, previously these products were imported

Watertest Systems has been manufacturing chemical products in our Sydney facilities for over 30 years. We have a great deal of industrial experience, with chemistry as well as manufacturing. Our current facility is a modern plant in Minto NSW.

Our very reliable Brookfield Viscometer. If your contract manufacturing work r

Construction site in Sydney many local government and council’s have regulations for when you have water runoff a construction site. The main parameters for testing the runoff water are: Turbidity and  PH 

Watertest Systems provides toll manufacturing services for a wide range of clients from thousands of 30ml bottles to road tanker loads. We have the experience, the technology, the source raw material knowledge and the facilities to manufacture formulation

Water disinfection is a key step in water treatment for the wastewater and drinking water industries. Disinfection renders dangerous pathogens inert, preventing disease. While every water utility has its own method for disinfecting water, chlorine and mon